Tuesday, October 16, 2007

fall time!

It's fall time in sunny Florida, where the palm trees are tall and ripe and the sun is shining down on us with tons of cancerous affection! I KIDD I KIDD! It's a beautiful state full of amazing people! SOMETIME I wish we had a bigger taste of fall! Anyway, heres a recent one from a sketch book! I'm not too proud of it but I had fun doing it anyway! HALLOWEEN IS COMING! keep your eyes PEELED!!!!!


Bill Ferguson said...

AAAAAAAAAhh love it. Glad you were touched by the flesh eating zombies buddy.

Josh Hoye said...

B-ello! bello!
L-ovin this concept my friend.
D-id I tell you HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Steve Schwartz said...

oh man, i love that crow!
how is the FL treating you?
getting ready for halloween?! i know you are!

Emma said...

Nice work. Woo, October! :)

I know what you mean about missing fall here. I miss winter, too. But I don't miss frostbite. :(

Michelle said...

I absolutely LOVE this...could be a good story

NoelleLorraine said...

Hey Stranger! Thanks for coming to my blog! I love your work...especially the spooooky stuffs! Very beautiful watercolors! I'm going to check up on your blog ^..^ nice work!

Duncan Barton said...

very cool albert!