Tuesday, February 19, 2008

umbrella series

Heres some new work. I've decided to do a series of paintings involving fantasy settings and umbrellas. I see a lot of illustrators doing pin up style work of women in sexy poses. So I guess in a nutshell this is my response. It's a shame the scan of these pieces aren't of quality but it's the best I can do for now. Honestly the fun part of this series besides the shapes are the liberties, the freedom that fantasy illustration can offer. The liberties of distorting the real, such as proportions of the body. Longer necks, legs and faces! Fun stuff. Hopefully you enjoy, I have a lot of work to add but decided to take my time posting.

Friday, February 8, 2008

F I N A L L Y !!!

It's been a long time! Lots of new stuff to put up and more to come!
Life has been quite busy, with lots to do. SO I'll share with you some of the things
I've been up to! Hope you enjoy!
First I'd like to share some of the process work and test pieces for my second picture book.

That piece was done in ink and watercolor, I will also create some test pieces with just watercolor with limited line work and some done in CRAYON!

Speaking of crayon, heres some color studies I've done, I loved working on them with the crayons and will be using crayon much more now ;) I'm just a big boy anyway so it's ok.

Next up is TAD he's the main character from the third picture book I am working on

Next I have some characters that I have been playing around with for fun, I want to color them

but try something different. Perhaps a media I don't use often like Illustrator, any ideas??

and here's his friend...Benito