Thursday, May 17, 2007

past work from this year

Heres some work from the past two semesters, it was a hard and exciting change and year for. It actually I shouldnt say it was hard, I should say it was fun and enlightening! Hope you enjoy.
All the best!


Bill Ferguson said...

Awesome, Awesome. I like the one with Dracula's Castle in it. However I enjoy them all.

Bags said...

Good deal man!!! Dig the imagery and glad to see you got a blog! I'll keep up on it!

mike corrick said...

whats all this crap.... yeah right dude bra lovin the new work good luck and i wanna copy of the book when it gets to that point

Steve Schwartz said...

dear albert,

you are beautiful.
plz put up more work.
i miss your ginger azz.

internet <3